A Jewish journalist entered the holy places of Mecca and made a documentary

A Jewish Journalist

RIYADH: The Jewish journalist entered the limits of Makkah in violation of Saudi laws and was also seen climbing Jabal Rahmat.

Israel’s News Channel 13 has shared a report showing that Israeli journalist Gil Tamre visited Makkah where he traveled to Masjid Al-Haram and climbed the Mount of Mercy, while under Saudi law anyone A non-Muslim cannot enter these holy places.

The Syrian journalist made a nearly 10-minute documentary that was also broadcast on TV, while the journalist was apparently accompanied by a local guide, whose face was obscured in the video to prevent transmission.
Gil-Tamre speaks softly in Hebrew in front of the camera and sometimes immediately switches to English to hide his Israeli identity so that he cannot be recognized.

Link to Documentary

On the other hand, Israel’s Minister of Regional Cooperation, Esavi Farage, condemned an Israeli TV report on Makkah as “foolish”. was

While apologizing for the incident, the Israeli journalist wrote that if anyone found this video offensive, I deeply apologize. The whole effort was meant to showcase the importance of Mecca and the beauty of Islam and in doing so promote religious tolerance and inclusion.


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